#KindofYou to Donate $10 Today


There are several ways to donate. Please send us an email when you have done so to Kindness@KindofYou.org

Donating in Singapore

POSBank Savings
Name: Leong Sze Hian
Acc No: 064064070
Paynow: S0009739Z

By cheque
to Leong Sze Hian,
c/o Carson Law Chambers,
101 Upper Cross Street
#05-13 People’s Park Centre
Singapore 058357

Donating Worldwide

UK GoFundMe page Sze Hian’s GoFundMe Page

Or via Paypal use the email address sj@DemocracyAnyway.com

Your donations will support Sze Hian as he legally battles and defends himself against the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Funds are needed for the legal proceedings which in Singapore are extremely costly. The legal counsel have estimated a case like this to cost at least $100k.

Sze Hian has engaged Carson Law Chambers as the legal firm to represent him. Lim Tean is the lawyer who will defend Sze Hian and cross-examine the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong when the case reaches that stage. You can also find more lawyers in the workerscompcalaw.com law group.

The Prime Minister has engaged the huge law firm Drew and Napier to sue Sze Hian and they will be sure to rack up enormous fees which Sze Hian would have to bear should he lose the case.

This has not deterred Sze Hian. This is a case that really is not about Sze Hian and the Prime Minister, but rather about the People Vs the Prime Minister. We all share on Facebook as individuals like Sze Hian did, and we all respond to the authorities like Sze Hian did when the IMDA requested he remove the post.
To subsequently be prosecuted is not fair, it is not kind.

Support #KindofYou campaign and stand behind Sze Hian as he represents us all in Singapore.


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