Defamation 101 vid: Introducing Winston!


Lawyer Lim Tean has created a short video titled Defamation 101.
Singaporeans raised funds for the production of the video and it is now ready for release shortly.

See Winston (pictured) learn the steps from Lim Tean about how he can express himself safely and not fall foul of the Singapore defamation laws.

Lim Tean told #KindofYou – “I wanted to create this type of a video as it was clear to me that many Singaporeans think that they are not legally able to say anything at all that would be against the government or a politician. That is simply not true, there are plenty of ways to express your opinions within the boundaries of the laws we use today. I want to equip Singaporeans – especially the younger generations -with what they can and cannot say. Not only will this keep them safe but will also create forward thinking progress for our nation as a whole.
Expressing opinion has changed the face of many industries; for example who books a hotel without reading the reviews? Or a book? Or a restaurant? Even a taxi driver has to operate with open feedback about his or her service. Government and institutions should be no different. Feedback sometimes does include criticism, and this should be leveraged to create even better service, not squashed at the first post.

We will publish the video here at, and it will also be available on Lim Tean’s popular FB page and YouTube Channel.


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