Change Makers Wanted


We are calling out to those of you who want to see change.

Do you have some ideas on how to peacefully change our society for the better? Are you a change maker at heart but don’t know where to begin? Are you on the verge of wanting to make a difference but face fears in taking the right steps? Do you feel like there is something bigger you are destined to achieve? You don’t know where to begin?

These are just some of the thought and questions that arise when you know that things could be different and not just different, better!

Making positive change takes Action, Belief and Courage.

Some of the phrases we use to convince ourselves that we cannot make a difference:

How much difference can one person realistically make

Nobody will listen anyway

There’s nothing I can do to help

I’m not educated enough to make change

Well these are the first steps to recognising that who can expand our Kindness campaign.

If you are eager to donate your skills in writing, digital media, photography, public speaking, presenting, videography, organising, or fundraising, then email and tell us how and why you would like to become a team member.

Please note that if you want to work on-the-ground in Singapore you must be a Singaporean citizen.

If you would like to work as part of the UK team (where the #KindofYou campaign is based) then you can be of any nationality if volunteering remotely.

On-the-ground UK work can only be performed by persons legally allowed to work in the UK.

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