Sze Hian & Lim Tean Podcast planned: Get Involved!


Next week we will record a podcast between Sze Hian and Lim Tean, during which they will walk us through the details of the case and how the case came about in the first place.
Lim tean is the lawyer who is defending Sze Hian and also the counsel countersuing the Prime Minister for Abuse of Process.
We will be asking Lim Tean what it means to be the first ever lawyer in the history of Singapore to represent a client who is suing the Prime Minister and how he feels about possibly cross-examining the Prime Minister on the stand.
If you would like to have a question posed to either Sze Hian or Lim Tean then email in at Please indicate whether you would like to remain anonymous or happy to have your name read out.


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