#KindofYou – What is this Campaign About?

Leong Sze Hian with PM Lee inset. Courtesy of Apple Daily

A 65 yr old Singaporean is being sued by the Prime Minister for sharing a Facebook Post.

Singaporean Leong Sze Hian shared a post on his Facebook last month and now he is being sued by the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong for defamation.

This campaign #KindofYou has been created to support Leong Sze Hian as he defends himself against the PM and the full suite of lawyers the PM has at his disposal.

Leong Sze Hian is counter-suing the Prime Minister for Abuse of Process.  The Singapore government have sued their citizens in the past for defamation, but never before has the Prime Minister himself been sued in return.

This is an extraordinarily significant case as social media has become the platform for individuals to express themselves amongst their friends and families.  The casual conversations that used to only take place at dinner, at work, in social “real-life” settings, now take place online.  The idea that sharing a post (in Sze Hian’s case without any additional comment) can lead to unwarranted use of existing defamation laws is something that needs to be addressed in many countries, not just Singapore.

#KindofYou is a supporting campaign to raise awareness, money and support for Sze Hian to not just adequately defend himself but to defend all Singaporean’s right to share on their social media.

#KindofYou is named such because Sze Hian IS kind of you.  We have all shared FB posts as have our friends and family of all ages.  Sze Hian is symbolic and representative of all Singaporeans.  He is an ordinary and hardworking man not seeking political office.  For the Prime Minister to single him out for legal action (when many people shared the post) is a reminder to all ordinary citizens that their safety and security is not assured.
The Prime Minister of Singapore is not being fair or kind in taking this action.  But we can be kind and show kindness by legally and solidly supporting Sze Hian’s quest for us all.
The campaign is named #KindofYou because fundamentally this is about our kindness towards each other. It is not a political campaign, nor a violent protest movement.

At it’s very essence it is simple. Be kind. Show kindness. Ask kindness of our leaders. Share kindness.  To have a fair and kind society we must ourselves show that we ourselves ARE that and we support those like Sze Hian who become unintentional representatives of this.

Over the coming weeks and months there will be many opportunities to show your support from digital rallies, open forum events, donations, petitions and much more.

This website will collate all the latest updates, news articles and releases from Sze Hian and his legal counsel.
It will be most #KindofYou to check back here often and walk with us on this journey.







  1. Leong Sze Hian,
    Success be to your winning of this court-case.
    I support you and Lim Tean in the proceeding of this case. Revelation to the valid truth be resultant of your cross-examination on this case. Abuser ought face the music.
    I too am unfairly treated in my 1994 traffic accident that involved the police. Justice was absent.


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