Why has #KindofYou campaign been created?

The campaign exists solely to support the efforts of Leong Sze Hian’s defense as he is being sued by the Prime Minister of Singapore for sharing a Facebook Post.

What are the goals of #KindofYou campaign?

#KindofYou will provide support in the following areas

  • Raise money to assist in legal costs and potential damages.
  • Organise fundraising events
  • Create digital content to be shared across SM highlighting this issue
  • Provide tools and innovations to collate support for Sze Hian and this issue.

Why name it #KindofYou, what does that mean?

Kindness is an ideal we all know we should adopt and do more of!  We did not want to create a radical agitating protest movement.  That is not the Singapore way and not the essence of what this issue is about.

Yes it is about Freedom of Speech, it is about suing the Prime Minister for Abuse of Process, but underneath the details is the simple truth that what the PM has engaged in, this singling out of one man is pure and simply not kind.

We may want a leader who is intelligent and experienced, but without kindness that leader can become a tyrant, without kindness the teacher becomes a dictator, without kindness the father becomes an oppressor.

In today’s fast and furious media world where “Outrage” is the mot de jour, we decided to dial the rhetoric back a notch and reach out with a simple but vital message.  Kindness.

Another side to the term is that really we are all KIND of like Sze Hian.  We have all shared FB posts or on other social media.  Sze Hian we are Kind of You….Kind of like you.

Can I get involved with the campaign?

Absolutely!  We invite anyone who would like to help to get in touch and tell us how.  In particular we welcome writers, editors, videographers, presenters, photographers, community organisers.  Help share Kindness in whatever way you can envisage.

Email us at Kindness@KindofYou.org or message us on our FB home


How long will the campaign run for?

Sze Hian’s legal counsel has advised this case could last up til 12 months however, he has received a letter to confirm an 5 agonising month wait to have his counter claim appeal heard. It could be suspected that this has been pushed under the carpet until the Singapore General Elections are over.

How much do you need to raise?

The legal people advise that this type of case will cost around $100k.  If Sze Hian loses the case he will be liable for damages and this will most probably exceed $1m.

So far a financial demand of s$21,000 in legal fees has already been paid by Sze Hian after the judge dismissed his counter claim to sue the Prime Minister of Singapore.

The case has yet to even truly begin although in admiration these obstacles have not deterred Sze Hian, and we want to again as much support for him as possible.

We want to show solidarity and unity through support. Over 9000 people shared this Facebook post and only one man is being sued. It is not #KindOfYou to use fear tactics to show someone they are wrong.