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Next week we will record a podcast between Sze Hian and Lim Tean, during which they will walk us through the details of the...
We are calling out to those of you who want to see change. Do you have some ideas on how to peacefully change our society...
Lawyer Lim Tean has created a short video titled Defamation 101. Singaporeans raised funds for the production of the video and it is now ready...
There are several ways to donate. Please send us an email when you have done so to Kindness@KindofYou.org Donating in Singapore POSBank Savings Name: Leong Sze...

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6 months since the beginning stages of Sze Hians legal battle with Prime Minister


Sze Hian it is #KindofYou to talk POFMA


#KindofYou – What is this Campaign About?

A 65 yr old Singaporean is being sued by the Prime Minister for sharing a Facebook Post. Singaporean Leong Sze Hian shared a post on...

Sze Hian Live Speech to 2k+ supporters @ Speakers Corner

Often events at Speakers Corner (Hong Lim Park) are sparsely attended.  However Saturday Jan 26th saw over 2 thousand supporters show up and listen...

PM Invokes 400yr Old Law Against Ordinary Singaporean

It is true that Singapore inherited the defamation laws from the UK. However the UK has taken large legal strides in recent times...

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